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What do clients have to say about training at GFGL?  Take a look!



I am a bit of a workout fanatic with many surgeries behind me. Cynthia has been great at listening to my needs and tailoring the exact workout that will meet my goals. I am a poor runner who dreams of placing in the top 5 just once in my age bracket. Cynthia has been very informative and helpful at helping me achieve my goals. After five previous trainers, Cynthia's personality, education, and commitment make her the best I've had. Highly recommended!

-Karla Esser, Lakewood, CO


"My goal when I first met with Cynthia was short term...15 months later I am looking forward to my bi-weekly training sessions. Cynthia challenges me and helps me reach my goals, she is knowledgeable, professional and dependable. I literally ENJOY training with Cynthia which makes it a lot easier for me to get to my sessions on Mondays. I highly recommend Cynthia as she works one on one with me, bringing something new to my workouts which keeps me engaged.

-Denise Pettenger, Lakewood, CO


"Cynthia is a superb trainer!"

"She has been our trainer for almost 3 years.  Our workouts have always been challenging, but FUN, varied and NEVER BORING. She is professional, warm, patient and has a terrific sense of humor! The best trainers connect with their clients and Cynthia does this extremely well. She has had a profound impact on our fitness, with the result being our lives are transformed.  We never dreamed that we could be this fit and enjoy training so much. Cynthia continues to motivate us and has a tremendous passion for helping her clients achieve their fitness goals and cheers for you when you reach them! She is herself an accomplished triathlete, but always makes you feel like a champion athlete as well. "

-Kathy & Roy Martin, Wheat Ridge, CO


"Cynthia is a fabulous trainer!"

"She is knowledgable, fun, innovative, and motivational. She tailor makes your workout to fit your needs and can even change it up on the fly when needed. She is sensitive to your needs, communicates well, always on time, prepared, and wants the absolute best for you. We highly recommend Cynthia for all age groups."




"Young Again at 69"

"When I began my workouts with Cynthia, at age 66, I was out of shape, out of energy, and overweight. Today, almost three years later, I am almost in as good a shape as I could hope for. My energy levels are great, and I now look forward to my 3 day a week workouts, unlike at the beginning when I had to drag myself there. I have lost considerable weight, not directly because of the workouts, but because of the gentle encouragement and inspiration I have received from Cynthia and from the results I have obtained from my workouts under her direction, both of which have motivated me to take steps to shed the pounds. Part of me wants to say that I feel like an eighteen year old again, but most of me says, “Who wants to feel like an eighteen year old again when you can feel this good at 69?!” Cynthia’s ability to know just how much to push me to see the results I need makes me return enthusiastically each week. Her good humor and friendliness make the workouts fun without being too easy. I’m in for as long as my body lasts and Cynthia can patiently tolerate my chatter."

-Bill Brown, Littleton, Colorado



"Long before Cynthia became my trainer, I observed her with other clients and was very impressed! When I needed to make a change, I knew exactly who I would call - Cynthia. I have not been disappointed and am thrilled with the results. Cynthia is an exceptional trainer and very professional in her training sessions - on time, prepared and results oriented. I have been motivated and challenged way beyond my expectations. Cynthia is very knowledgable and keeps current in her field with the latest scientific approach to body mechanics, nutrition, form and fitness. She excels in aligning the training to fit the personal needs and abilities of her client. I look forward to the training sessions and my body misses them when I have a scheduling conflict! I can hardly wait for my next session!!

-Nancy R. Pittman



"​I have been training with Cynthia for 3 months now and am thrilled with my results. For me, time in the gym needs to be enjoyable, challenging of course, but enjoyable or I won't go . . . . there are so many "have to's" in life, who wants to add one more? Cynthia keeps me motivated and on-track; training is never boring! She is a great listener and trainer who customizes each session to accommodate my strengths and weaknesses. I look forward to each and every appointment and plan to be a client for a LONG time!"

-E-Dee Martin, Lakewood, CO


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