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There are many reasons you could benefit from the experience and education of a qualified fitness pro!  

One reason-SAFETY of your workouts. You don't want to get hurt!  Read on for more (about Personal Training in Lakewood, Colorado):

Personal Training Client


Not only can you get stronger as you continue to lift weights; as you gain strength, you can be safer during your daily activities. For example, your likelihood of falling in the winter on ice or when you step on an uneven surface is reduced because your muscles are doing what they are supposed to do! In that same vein, BALANCE and STABILITY training are also very important. You get all that training here at GFGL!




STEP 1: A fitness assessment before you begin your program helps to establish a baseline of fitness upon which to build and improve...


STEP 2: ...take what we learned at the assessment, and build on that!  Customized fitness programs for all ages and abilities!


Personal Training Client

Are you stretching regularly?  If you aren't, maybe you need help with the TYPE of stretches you require, and how often you need to perform them.  Flexibility is even more important as we age, and it is part of a complete fitness program.

Personal Training Client
           CORE STRENGTH

What are YOU doing to enhance your core stabilty?  Please don't say sit-ups (they are bad for your back)!  There are so many other methods for working on core stability-Come on in-we'll teach you some!

Personal Training Client
           MUSCLE TONE

You want some (of course you do, that's why you're reading this!)!  OK, then ensure you have a training program that is safe and effective.  Working together with your trainer, you will know what exercises you should and should not do.  Your trainer will design a program for you that can help you reach for (and maybe even exceed) your goals-ask an expert!

Personal Trainer

Ever feel the urge to train for a 5K, 10K, or other endurance event?  Well, with your dedication and your coaches' expertise,  it can be done!  Your workouts are tailor-made to help you excel in your sport of choice (or three sports, in the case of triathlon)!  Train for your sport in the correct manner while avoiding injuries.  WAIT - Life is all you are training for? That's OK!  We do it all here.

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